Newsletter update: What should subscribers expect from Alpha Alarm?

Hey y’all.

We hope that both our free and paid subscribers have been enjoying the content thus far! We put a lot of time into the pieces that we write.

The team spent the past week hashing out our plans regarding the future of the newsletter. This has culminated in a formal schedule. So you know what to expect from us, here it is:

  • Monday: Crypto Market Recap - Free and Paid

  • Tuesday: DeFi Letter - Paid Only

  • Wednesday: Exclusive Interview - Paid Only

  • Thursday: Crypto Market Recap - Free and Paid

  • Friday: DeFi letter - Free and Paid

  • Saturday: Research Piece - Paid Only

Both free and paid subscribers will get regular updates from us. However, if you want access to the exclusive interviews with top traders and executives, our research about DeFi and crypto trends, and the additional DeFi letter, you will need to subscribe.

But have no fear, it’s only $14.99 a month, or $139.99 a year. Get yourself a belated holiday present and subscribe to Alpha Alarm today.

It’s literally the cost of one Uniswap trade a month or a few Starbucks coffees - it’s cheap.

We’re open to taking suggestions about what format this newsletter will take. If you have anything on your mind, please feel free to comment below.