Content update from the Alpha Alarm team

Hey all, the Alpha Alarm team here.

Wanted to give you all an update in case you’ve been wondering where the content has been as of late. In short, we haven’t forgotten about you all! Rather, we’ve been thinking a lot about this newsletter and where it’s going next.

First off, while I don’t think we can fully comment on it yet, we’re in the midst of being acquired by a large media outlet, and there are some logistics around handling that transition. As soon as that transition is complete, we’ll let you know exactly what’s going on. I wish we could share, though we may be bound to secrecy for the time being :).

We have a number of pretty exciting interviews lined up with traders, industry executives, and top investors across both crypto and DeFi more specifically.

To that point, we recently decided that henceforth, we want more content in this newsletter to be directed at developments in the DeFi ecosystem, as opposed to crypto broadly.

With the transition process winding down, we will be publishing a few final pieces on Substack before we move over to this new platform. To confirm, existing subscribers (BOTH FREE AND PAID) will be automatically transferred to this new platform. The fee for the newsletter may stay the same, and we may even have some special offers for new subscribers.

Please stay tuned and we appreciate the patience in this transitory period.

The Alpha Alarm team.